Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend in Vegas

A funny thing happened in Vegas...I got sick! And the not the usual kind of Vegas sick that goes away after a few Advil and a gallon of Gatorade. But even though it was not the ideal weekend, we still sold a ton of t-shirts and met some great people.

In other news, here's a quick update on what's happening around here...

1. The new designs are ready and the people in Vegas seemed to really like them. I am working to get the product photography done in the next few weeks and then they'll be up for sale on the main site.

2. We had a drawing in Vegas for a free Endgame t-shirt and the winner is David B! Thanks to everyone who entered!!! By the way, the results of the drawing were carefully audited by our 6 year old intern:

3. We will also begin to give away free t-shirts as prizes for tournaments hosted on This is something we have been thinking about doing for a while so we are pretty excited to see how it works out. If you decide to become a member over there, be sure to say that "Endgame_Clothing" sent you.

That's all for now! See ya.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Packing Up My Game...

...and I'm heading out the Las Vegas International Chess Festival. Here's my van with hundreds of Endgame shirts, 15 CDs, 2 kids and a wife...all packed in and ready for a 4 hour drive across the desert:

It is going to be a crazy weekend, but I'm looking forward to every minute of it.

See you there!