Monday, September 6, 2010

One Man Band...DubFX

It's crazy how you can forget about people, especially amazing, mind-blowing people. I remember hearing about this guy a while back and then totally forgot about him. His name is DubFX. He is the 21st century version of the one man band. His performances are an insane mix of vocals and beatbox using different recorded loops and all performed live!!

Do yourself a HUGE favor and watch this video. Don't get all ADD and turn it off after 10 the whole thing, simmer in the beauty and witness an absolute master at work!!

But if you don't like DubFX, then maybe you'll like this guy...

What does this have to do with chess shirts? Well, nothing really.


Mr_Toad said...
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Mr_Toad said...

(sorry, speeling mistook on my frist eforrt)

Superb! Prob'ly lots of other wonderful artists on the streets who don't fit the record company mould?

3 points for spotting the blonde dancing in the background ... 2 points for spotting the guy stealing something from his bag!

John aka Endgame Clothing said...

Yeah, this guy might not fit the norm with his style, he is getting bigger and bigger. Thanks for reading!