Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blogging Prize

Every week the U.S. Chess League awards prizes to the bloggers who do an outstanding job of covering the weekly games. Endgame was proud to sponsor the Week 5.

Below are the winners, with links and my 2 cent commentary...

First Place:

Ron Simpson's accounts of his back to back wins exciting, humble and very human. In addition, his incorporation of Ashley's "Drawback" technique was particularly interesting.

Second Place:

FM Elliott Liu smiles through the tears as he recounts Arizona's loss to Chicago. Elliott's personality comes through with this enjoyable entry...too many of our chess bloggers have less personality than Rybka.

Third Place:

No analysis or annotation, but Tom Panelas writes a nice little entry about Chicago's historic win over Arizona. Not only did they score their first league win over Arizona, but also ruined Arizona's perfect season score...bonus points for pictures!

And, of course, chess shirts for all the winners!

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