Sunday, December 28, 2008

Interview with Alex

Alex Mitchell is an 18 year old, metal-worshiping, myspace-master and graphic designer from Wadesville, Indiana. Within 10 seconds of seeing Alex's style of dark, classic imagery, I knew he was exactly what Endgame was looking for. Not only did he do an amazing job, but he was also great to work with. I am always interested in knowing where chess falls in peoples' lives, so let's ask him a few questions...

Endgame: Ok, Alex, I know you are good at designing stuff, but let's talk about something you know how to play chess?

Alex: I honestly have not played in a few years, but I used to love it.

Endgame: What made you stop? Got tired of the chess groupies?

Alex: Actually, I discovered a skateboard.

Endgame: Ouch. Moving on...what was your first thought when you realized that Endgame Clothing was inspired by the game of chess?

Alex: I thought, "Seriously? That's fucking cool!"

Endgame: Really? Is that why the picture you sent of yourself has your face cut off? Endgame is so "fucking cool" that you want to make sure that nobody recognizes you?

Alex:, it was the only good way to get the Endgame logo in the picture.

Endgame: Ok, sorry about that. Can you name one famous chess player, alive or dead?

Alex: Bobby Fischer?

Endgame: Can you name another?


Endgame: You obviously spend a lot of time in front of a computer...did you know that you can play chess online? And if you do know, have you ever?

Alex: I've never played chess online. You can do just about anything online, so I assumed the chess feature was there.

Endgame: You have recently worn your Endgame shirts to your high school. Can you tell me a little about that experience?

Alex: It was's a few quotes, "Dude, does your shirt say chess apparel? That's cool!" "The...original...chess...apparel...really? Where'd you get that?" "I'd totally wear that!"

Endgame: Ok, last question...after working with Endgame Clothing, has your opinion of chess gone up or down?

Alex: My opinion has gone up substantially. Endgame is giving chess a cool image, something that is not often done.

Endgame: My work is done here...thanks for the interview.

So what did we learn?

1. It's possible to wear a chess t-shirt to high school and NOT get your ass kicked.

2. Apparently in Indiana, they are putting something in the water that makes 18 year-olds grow cool guy beards.

3. Alex is a great guy and an amazing designer. If you would like more information on Alex or see more of his work, check out

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