Sunday, December 21, 2008

I make chess shirts...

Here is how a typical conversation starts...

Them: "Cool! You have a clothing company? What kind of clothes?"

Me: "Well, see, um, the shirts are all inspired by the game of chess."

Them: "Yeah, really, what are your shirts like?"

Me: "I'm serious...I think I have made the best chess shirts in the 1500 year history of the game!!"

Them: "You have got to be kidding..."

It has been very strange to approach people and tell them what I do. I have had to explain the concept of chess t-shirts to everyone I have come in contact with...designers, printers, programmers, friends and models. As soon as I mention chess apparel, they get a strange look in their eyes and I can hear hesitation in their voices.

Are people just not ready for Hardcore Chess Apparel??

If I am able to show them the designs, then people usually come around. I have found some phenomenal designers to work with and the shirts look fantastic. But if I don't get a chance to show the shirts, then I usually get blown off.

A perfect example was trying to find models. I found several great models local to me and tried to message them or add them as friends on myspace. I am offering them the chance to be the sole model for Endgame Clothing, and they can see that I have a fairly professional operation and a professional photographer. Days go response. I send follow up response. And thanks to the super-cyber stalking features in myspace, I can tell that she has read the messages. So she has 2,752 fuckin' friends on myspace, but somehow Endgame Clothing doesn't make the cut?

I wonder if Versace or Ralph Lauren ever had this problem?

Play well,



Chadlonius said...

Good post, I cant wait to see these "models" sporting these shirts.

John O. said...

Chad - Thanks, man. I think I have finally found a few that are going to work. For some reason, it's just been really tough to find girls who want to model chess shirts. Hmmmmm....