Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things Will Never Be The Same

The other day when I was looking for a youtube video to post on my Sell Out thread, I came across this video and almost started crying...

These days are behind me. The days of watching bands play without a stage and fans singing so loud that you can't even hear the music. Everything sounds like shit, but feels beautiful.

When we were younger, we would make fun of the creepy old dude who would be watching the bands from the back of the club. I guess am now that guy. More of an observer than a participant.

Now you might say, "But John, you have a totally sweet ass chess t-shirt company and probably roll deep with hotties all around." Yes, that's true. But things are different can't replace that feeling of screaming until you cough up blood and not caring about what tomorrow brings.

I was pissing on the desert sand.
When the desert whispered to me,
It said, "Isn't this a shame?
Things will never be the same."
-Iggy Pop (performed by)

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Ian Busby said...

All true. Being 33 is difficult, because half of me wants to live off cookies and videogames. The other half is calling for refinement. A chilled Pinot...